A first contact can be gotten in different ways:

  1. The simplest possibility is to contact me per E-mail. Please mail to me in any case your exact adress (especially from foreign countries), as well as your complete telephon- and Fax-number and describe exactly your request .
  2. The securest possibility - for your personal Dates too - is to contact me by Fax, especially for detailed questions. Write there also your complete adress international telepfon- and Fax- number and your detailed request.
  3. Per Telefon: After your apointment (registration) by Fax Iwill send you my private Telephon number and times in the late evening contacting me personally. If you call my phonebox (AB), please don't forget to tell me during the 30 seconds but your name clearly your telephon- or Fax- number too. Then I will call you back or write a Fax..

Contact by E-mail and by Fax have the advantage, that you can tell your request more exact perhaps with skeches or pictures.

For assistance you can use in your request my prepared Form, which you can fill online, respectively in your E-Mail-Client, (or download), print out filled version (oblong format) and send me by Fax (or per Post to the adress I will have sent you), (or which I will send you after the first contact). First sketches willbe helpful too.. The more detailed your information is the easier we can understand us in a following telephon comunication, especially from foreign countries.

If you request a stability expertize, (i.e. for CE-Certification, or for a Classifikations board (GL, Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas), please first only contact me. Then I will write you which information and dates of vour Ship I will need for that.

For other expertizes, (i.e. nautical expertizes, object defect expertizes, assess expertizes ) please tell me first only as evident as possible what's the matter.



Impressum :

Prof. Dr. Günter Steinkrauss
Aurelia Yacht-Design*  

D - 26789 Leer

Telefon : +49-(0) 491-71511 (AB)
Telefax : +49-(0) 491-960 72 87


Contact per E-Mail :


*) Aurelia Yacht-Design© is the protected Domain-Name, Aurelia© - abrivated AYD© - ist die Type-Name of all Yachten und Boote projected, created, desgned  or constructed by me.


Form :   fill in Online
print out (Strg+P) (Oblong Format)
and send !


In Preparation :

Form (.PDF) for printing

Form(.PDF) for download