What means Yacht-Design ?

  Yacht-Design has the task to draft and to construct Yachts and Boats, as well as serieal yachts for shipyards as also individual Yachts for private promotors and as well as to design and constuct changings or version changings of exsisting types of Yachts.

Building an individual Yacht is not much mor expensive than baying a high quality serial Yacht, especially if the promotor is able to do parts of the work itself (i.e. in building accomodation, in installation of Motor and electrics, in conservating and painting) Especially handworkers or one being familiar with handwork choose often this way.. The great advantaage of an in dividual construction is that the yacht can be optimal adapted to the personel use of the promotor - as far as techncal ever possible.

The steps of a ships or yachts construction is discribed in the column beside. If you will get a construction of a ship or yacht, please send me first a nearly detailed description of your inagination. As help for this you will find more information on the page "Contact" and a questionaire which you can fill on Online, print it out filled and mail it to me by Post oder Fax. Attach please also sketches and/or pictures of similar yachts being close to your imaginatio in oder that I can make myself an image of your requirements. After I have looked on this a meeting should be timed - if ever possible - for a detailed personal talk.


Examplel (approx.) Side- and Sail plan

Examplel (approx.) Interior plan (Generalplan)

Examplel (approx.) Shiplines (simplified)

Examplel of perspektive Shiplines view

Example of stability curvesfor diferent hights of centre of Gravity


 Steps creating a Construction

   Every ships or yachts construction consists of a Project-Phase, a draft phase and a construction phase.

  The projekt-phase consists in laying down the basic dates and the features and characteristics of the yacht. It concludes among others the main mesures, the consstructio feature, the purpose of use and the area of voyage, as well as the most important desired features the yacht, and it should also contain sketches of the promotor or comparable pictures. The possibility of realizing will be discussed - possibly in in a personally talk - and layed down in an instuction paper which will contain al necessary handicaps for the naval architect. Further on at this time will be signed a contract to make a Rough Draft (50% payed with contract, 50% when delivered)

  The Rough Draft concludes the following work :
Approximate Shiplines, Approximate Sailplan, Approximate Side Plan Approximate Generalplan (accomodation plans) of all decks, (evt. perspektive views,) Approximate calculation of Masses and Centre of Gravity (ZCG) and Approximate Calculation of Stability (Righting Arm).

  The Main Draft   (Main Construction) consists in the following works :
A final, detailed Constuction of Shiplines, Sailplan, Genralplans of all Decks, (Accomodation plans of all Decks), evt. Detailed Perspekive Views, Mesurement Tabels, Calculation of Rudermoment, and as far as necessary (for shipyards or do-it-your-self builders): construction drawings of bulkheads and bilgeribs, Stations (frames) and deckbeams, Engine Fundaments (mountings) and Ruderconstruction, Laminatplans or Plate Developments, Tankplans, Pipeplans, Detail Drawings an many other details as far as necessary respectively desired.

The Main Draft contains also a final calculation of stability (Righting Arm, Righting Moment, Heeling Moment by Wind, critical points vs. heel, STIX) for CE-Certification and Classification (GL, Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas) If not all details of constructions (i.e. accomodation with all fina details) als well as the positions and weights of all equipment will lbe made by the naval architect, but by the shipbuilder or the owner the later havve to suport all relevant Dates for a fair accurate calculation of the centre of gravity (CG) to the nava architect (i.e.. CG-coordinates of the tanks, of the diferent groups of accomodation and equipment as there are winches, ancors, chains and big ropes). Therefor a list will be suported..

  As soon as desided about ammount of the necessary work of construction, a Costs Estimate for the Main Draft will be made. After then a contract about doing the Main Draft will be signed.. By this will also be agreed on the scedule of payments vor the diferent parts of the work of the Construction due to order and delivering of the single parts as agreed, each payed 50% with order an 50% when delivered.

The  General Yacht Consulting contains all questions concerning planning, designing, construction building, - as well as for selfmade builing or yard's building, - equipping of a yacht, a harbour planning, or of an Internet-Presentation (Homepage-Design).

My Expertise-Work  consists mainly in stability-expertizes of exsisting yachts for CE-Certification or for die einer classifikation by a classification board as German Lloyd (GL), Lloyds, Det Norske Veritas, (auch bei Umbau von Yachten), expertizes for bying or selling yachts, nautical expertizies after accidents, and assess establishing after collision or  touchdown.